Pocket Chemical Laboratory

for testing the quality of products

Technology of molecular spectroscopy for all

Handheld spectrometer

Measures data on the molecular structure of a sample

Mobile app

Delivery data on the quality of the product on the smartphone

Processing data

Mathematical processing of data on a cloud server

Analysis result

Qscan find a similar sample in
database and send a real chemical analysis

How to reduce costs for implementation a quality control system

  • One device for all tasks
  • Reduce the measurement time
  • Use modern methods of data processing
  • Use cloud services
  • Do not hire expensive specialists

What we do?

1. Digitize

the samples with the help of spectroscopy and store the data on the cloud service.

3. Matching

the data in the data store with labaratory quality tests

2. Study

samples in chemical laboratory and determine the quality of samples

4. Аnalysis

of a new sample and search for similar samples in the DB

5. Deliver

the laboratory results of the sample in 5 seconds

About us

We are the team of developers, chemists, specialists in the field of modeling and data processing. We are engaged in the development and implementation of methodologies in the field of quality control. For our customers, we deliver solutions for product quality control. With the help of our solutions, we made the quality control process simple and not expensive, since all the expert work we take ourselves remotely through the service.


For an industry where it is necessary to analyze liquid or bulk samples and determine their quality, composition, presence of impurities and determine counterfeits.

Quality control

Online process control

Definition of fakes

Alcohol, medicines, perfume

Quality control of raw materials

Quality control of raw materials for production and control of finished products


Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City

+84(70) 200-42-87


About us

We are an innovative company that aims to disrupt the market of laboratory chemical analyzes.

Our mission

We strive to make the analysis of the quality of products quick, simple and affordable for everyone.

Our offers

  • Launching pilot projects with corporations
  • Looking for partners for project development
  • Subscription to our service

Our contacts

  • info@qscan.ru
  • +84(70) 200-42-87